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Coder, engineer, educator and web developer.
My latest project is Convolv.

I have a background in engineering, an interest in web development, and a need to create things. Built with Dart and Polymer, Convolv aims to bring together signal processing algorithms, data visualization techniques, and problem solving script development for engineers and educators working in an increasingly mobile world.


When I'm not coding up algorithms or websites (whether it be in Dart, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, ect.), I also enjoy working with digital artwork using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm also an avid reader of books of all kinds of genres - fiction, non-fiction or the classics.

silhouette digital art

Digital Art

simplot dart library

Data Visualization

convolab dart library

Signal Processing Algorithms

silhouette digital art

Digital Art

Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens


Classics, Fiction, Non-fiction
graphlab dart library

Graph Theory Algorithms



I have a BSEE with highest honors from Rochester Institute of Technology in beautiful Upstate New York as well as a MEng from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I spent more than a decade working as an analog integrated circuit design engineer in the semiconductor industry, but ever since working in the DSP lab at RIT as an undergad, my passion has been the creation of algorithms that manipulate common signals. In my younger days, I sailed the seven seas (well, actually three, but they were quite large ones just the same :) with the U.S. Navy. Nowadays, I write code, build websites and web apps and, time permitting, I blog about the Dart programming language.


Although I don't have much available time for contract work these days, if you'd like to get in touch about some possible future projects, or just a quick question that I can help with, feel free to drop me a message.