scribeGriff is Richard Griffith. Engineer, coder, designer, developer.
Trying to be really good at just one thing, but it's not going very well.

Focusing on one thing is perhaps not my strongest quality

I blame it on the fact that there are so many things that interest me. I built my first webpage with Netscape Composer and wrote my first app with ThinkC on a Mac IIsi (although I don't think we called them apps back then). But after writing software throughout my college years, when I graduated, I was hired on as an - analog IC designer. They say you go where the jobs are and it was sure a choice gig for the time, but a few years ago, I returned to programming.

That was then, this is now

Having Fun with Code

I've always had a hard time getting my head around JavaScript, migrating instead to OOP languages like AS3 and then Dart. I always thought it odd that any Introduction to JS course would invariably just teach you to use jQuery instead. But today, JavaScript has become an incredibly rich development ecosystem that I really enjoy working with - scaffolding with Yeoman, front-end frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap, OOP with ES6 (and beyond!), and libraries like MathJS.

A Web Developer's Dream

I'd hate to admit what I paid for an Adobe CS4 license a few years back, especially since I am now sitting here working with Brackets, a free, open source code editor from Adobe, using an awesome and free template downloaded from the highly resourceful web site, Codrops, itself a huge source of free inspiration. I often consider some way of giving back to a community that has given me so much, only to find it has already been done - better, faster - and, of course, free.

It's All About Design

When I designed analog circuits for the semiconductor industry, I was obsessive that everything - the schematics, the documentation, even the design itself - had to look nice, perfect, pleasing to look at, pretty, if you will. I find I bring that same obsessiveness to writing code and building websites and have a huge appreciation for code and sites I find that are beautifully designed. Nothing makes my day quite like using an API that is elegant and well thought out.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Leonardo da Vinci

Project Planning in Six Easy Steps

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    All Aboard!

    1. The Kickoff Event

    The last day of freedom.

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    Creative Wizardry

    2. The Best Tools

    Use what works. Avoid what doesn't.

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    Lots to do

    3. Schedule and Assign

    Who's in charge here, anyway?

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    Brain power

    4. Create, Leverage, Improvise

    The joy of working with really smart people.

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    Finishing Up

    5. How's that schedule?

    Sleeping is now forbidden.

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    All Done!

    6. Complete, launch, celebrate

    Whoa, what just happened?

An engineer and his tools

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    I have a BSEE from RIT and an MEng from UIC.



    JavaScript that I can really appreciate.



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    These UI widgets really rock.



    The more I learn, the more I like.



    For when I need to handle a lot of data.

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